Brampton Medical Cannabis Clinic

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The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO) is dedicated to helping you find out if you’re eligible for medical cannabis treatments. We are a group of doctors who have formed a Brampton medical cannabis clinic that’s based on our 40 years of clinical practice. Our number one priority as chronic pain specialists is making sure that each and every client gets the type of care they deserve.

Deciding if you’re eligible for this expanding type of medical cannabis treatment is the first step. When you register with us, we will begin. Our process is comprehensive and thorough. It begins with a free consultation whereby we will be able to study your medical history and any other related documents.

Research from Statistics Canada points to the fact that chronic pain is a large problem for Canadians. The most recent data has an estimated 1.5 million people suffering from some kind of chronic pain. Alleviating this suffering is what we are dedicated to through our Brampton medical cannabis clinic.  

Brampton Chronic Pain Management Specialists

The Brampton chronic pain management specialists that we have are experts. Through them, we’ve been able to put together an extensive list of eligible conditions. If you fit into any of these categories or any other ones where you are suffering chronic pain, you should contact our clinic.

Medical cannabis has been making inroads for several years. It has shown promise in palliative care, psychiatric disorders, lower back pain, multiple sclerosis as well as alleviating symptoms of cancer.

Taking a look at your medical history is one of the important starting points to finding out if you are eligible. We encourage everyone who makes an appointment with our Brampton chronic pain management specialists to bring in as much information as they can. All the documentation and records that you have will help us to assess your situation quickly and efficiently. 

Brampton Pain Management Services 

The Brampton pain management services that we provide are also professional. It’s important to us to make sure everyone who is eligible understands that they can get medical cannabis from licensed producers.

Our number one priority is making sure that you find our user-friendly experience. That’s why we’ve made getting in touch with us simple and straightforward. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see some patient testimonials. These are from people who have used our Brampton pain management services and found the help they need.