Burlington Chronic Pain Management and Some Medical Cannabis Predictions

We are always interested as a Burlington chronic pain management facility in what is trending as far as medical cannabis is concerned. That’s why we’ve done a little research and come up with some of the big predictions from industry experts for 2018.

Of course, the recreational market and the medical cannabis market will spur each other on according to some of the experts. At least one has predicted there will be more studies because medical cannabis will become more accessible to the public.

We’ve read about research and companies that are going to line up different strains of cannabis with medical conditions through clinical research. As far as were concerned, it’s going to make medical cannabis more specialized and more effective. We think it’s a positive trend and one that will help our Burlington chronic pain management facility steer people towards better options.


Here’s another prediction from a cofounder of a medical cannabis facility we came across. Like a lot of other people in the field, this business person feels there will be a temporary shortage of the product that might last for one to two years.

We even came across some predictions from more traditional sources. For example, a spokesperson for Hill and Knowlton Strategies put in their two cents worth. They said that after recreational marijuana was made legal the focus might turn to marketing.


It’s interesting to note that one of the areas where companies will need to focus is either on the recreational or medical space. As far as were concerned, our Burlington chronic pain management facility will continue to assess your suitability for medical cannabis.

Legalization has made everyone interested in both recreational and medical cannabis. We’ve even come across some news stories about predictions that Canada will become a world leader in the cannabis industry.

Here’s a final tip for anyone interested in learning more about CBD oil. It’s important to look at the source plant for this and make sure that it comes from a reputable origin. There are several medical advantages to this inconspicuous way of ingesting medical cannabis.

It helps to lessen the pain for people with multiple sclerosis and has even been noted as a way to alleviate the chemotherapy nausea for cancer patients.

We have a wealth of information to share and a complete vetting process as your Burlington chronic pain management facility of choice.

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