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The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO) is a Burlington medical cannabis clinic dedicated to assessing your needs and suitability for this particular treatment. We have an outstanding staff of physicians that include specialists in chronic pain and patient care. Our professionals have been operating in clinical practices in Burlington and other locations for four decades. We are pain specialists that can determine your eligibility for medical cannabis treatment. 

There are a number of different symptoms that can be treated effectively with this particular remedy. If you take a few minutes to look through the eligible conditions listed on our website, you’ll see a variety of the most common chronic pain conditions.

Our professionals have been paying attention as medical cannabis gains wider acceptance in treating chronic pain. Our website has patient testimonials from people who suffered from fibromyalgia, back pain and even issues like esophageal cancer. After they went through our complete and thorough vetting process, they were able to get medical marijuana from a licensed grower and alleviate some of their symptoms.

Our Burlington medical cannabis clinic has been designed to streamline the process.

Burlington chronic pain management specialists

Getting an appointment to present your information to our Burlington chronic pain management specialists is easy. A referral from your family doctor is advisable but not always necessary. As long as you have medical records and other documentation with you, we can begin the process.

Remember, we are chronic pain specialists who are dedicated to helping you get the treatment that best suits your condition. Alleviating pain of all types is our number one priority here at The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO).

If you have any questions before getting involved with our process, you can call or send us an email. Our professionals are always happy to answer any and all of your questions. We feel that transparency is one of the cornerstones of making sure that everyone finds the relief they need from chronic pain.

This type of above the board honesty is one of the reasons that we don’t charge an annual fee.

Burlington Pain Management Services

We offer comprehensive and professional Burlington pain management services. Register with us at our Burlington Medical Cannabis Clinic and we will go through your medical history to decide if you’re eligible. Once you’ve qualified, we’d be happy to sit down with you in a free consultation. Helping you to feel better and get on with a productive life is one of our priorities.