Etobicoke Pain Management Specialists Highlight Cannabis Based Concussion Therapies

As Etobicoke pain management specialists that look after determining your eligibility for medical cannabis treatment, we try to stay on the cutting edge. We are always scouring information that pertains to medical cannabis. Here’s one of the more interesting articles we found recently.

It details how several former NHL hockey players will take part in a test to see how medical cannabis might help concussions. The article talks about how one of our country’s most noted brain injury experts is saying there is reason for hope in the potential of cannabinoids in this area.

The expert is a noted neurosurgeon from a hospital in Toronto. His comments come after the NHL Alumni Association recently announced they would take part in this type of clinical research. A large number of former NHL players have neurological issues.

Former Athletes

Many of these former athletes are excited about the possibility of medical cannabis improving the quality of their lives. Some of the noted players mentioned in the article include Eric Lindros. He’s gone on record urging the government to develop some manner of concussion protocol.

Our Etobicoke pain management specialists have sided with those researchers who find possibilities and results in medical cannabis therapies. In fact, as a group of doctors with years of clinical practice, we are qualified to determine your eligibility to use this therapy.

Other Conditions

Beyond the sports related injuries mentioned, we list a number of other eligible conditions on our website. These include common ailments like anxiety and arthritis as well as fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.

As far as the CBC report goes, 100 former NHL players will take part in this study. That group will include players that have developed problems because of past concussions. These issues include things like posttraumatic stress disorders and dementia as well as depression.

A spokesman for the players group was optimistic about the possibilities. Glenn Healy noted he was hopeful that treatments surrounding medical cannabis might help some players get off opioids.

CBD Interest

The article went on to pinpoint CBD as the ingredient that researchers are most interested in.

The Etobicoke pain management specialists we have on staff are dedicated to alleviating people’s suffering. Signing up with our clinic to determine your eligibility starts with you registering.

That’s when we will take a good look at your medical history to see if you can get any benefits from this particular treatment. We are dedicated Etobicoke pain management specialists who offer a free consultation.

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