How a Legal Cannabis Dispensary Helps

We’re a legal cannabis dispensary that’s staffed by doctors who are experts in pain management. The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO) are a group of physicians with decades of experience in the field. Their training includes various techniques that help alleviate chronic pain and the latest in patient care. Our mandate as a legal cannabis dispensary is to assess your needs as a patient to see if you’re suitable for cannabis treatment.

One of the areas where legal cannabis has shown promise is with sleep issues. Research shows that almost half or 40% of Canadians and a slightly smaller number or 30% of Americans suffer from insomnia.

Regulate Your Sleep

Research has shown that there are CB1 receptors in the human body that work to regulate your sleep. Studies conducted as far back as 40 years ago show that the THC and CBD in medical cannabis can adjust the way you sleep.

When people ask us whether being vetted through our legal cannabis dispensary will ultimately help them to sleep better, we tell them there are a few factors involved. For example, it’s widely accepted that cannabis can help alleviate stress caused by several conditions stemming from chronic pain like fibromyalgia and PTSD.

Legal Cannabis Dispensary Help

Here’s how a legal cannabis dispensary can help you get the kind of rest you need. As one of the leaders in the field, we make sure that our process is transparent. It is designed to be compassionate and efficient at the same time. That’s why we like to start the ball rolling with a free consultation.

It’s a way for our doctors to get to know you and your specific individual needs. It’s important for you to provide as much information as possible at this first get to know each other meeting. Bringing all of your medical records speeds the process along. If you take a few minutes to look at our website, you’ll see that our legal cannabis dispensary can start you on the path to getting solutions you need.

Attractive and User-Friendly 

The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO) has made sure that our legal cannabis dispensary is  attractive, user-friendly and efficient. We understand how some conditions can be made worse with the lack of proper rest.

That’s why, along with the other features we offer, our promise to you involves not charging an annual fee. As doctors, we are dedicated to alleviating your suffering through our legal cannabis dispensary.

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