How Halton Pain Treatment with Medical Cannabis Works

The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO) is dedicated to making sure you find out if you qualify for Halton pain treatment with medical cannabis. Our team of highly qualified doctors has years of experience in family and general medicine.

Because we are medical professionals, one of our priorities is understanding how to treat chronic pain. There are many definitions of chronic pain. The simplest explanation for this is any kind of discomfort that lasts for three months or longer.

The severity can range from a mild ache to the type of acute pain that leaves you in agony. According to recently published research, almost 19% of Canadians 18 and over are affected.

Medical cannabis has been cited as an effective way to deal with these types of this long-lasting discomforts. Research is finding out more and more about how medical cannabis plays a central role in regulating the body’s pain. The data points towards its effectiveness. In fact, research points to the fact it is effective in treating certain kinds of epilepsy. It shows promise with a wide range of other ailments including multiple sclerosis.

Halton Pain Treatment Made Simple

We pride ourselves on having an efficient method to find out if you are eligible for this treatment. The whole process starts with a free consultation where we will get some information on your medical condition.

Our goal is to make the whole process as simple as possible. There is no annual fee with our clinics. We are the pain specialists who are dedicated to helping you find the quickest path to relief.

Many Benefits

There are many benefits to medical cannabis including a lower risk of getting addicted. One of the big problems with pain medication that’s opioid based is the fact that at-risk people become addicted quickly.

Here’s some more good news about how medical cannabis and our Halton Pain Treatment facility work together. Back pain is one of the most common ailments in North America generally and in Canada specifically. For most people, this problem is only temporary.

However, some people injure themselves and the pain they suffer through in their lower back doesn’t go away. Our experience has shown that the symptoms from chronic back can be alleviated with medical cannabis in many situations.

If you take a look at our website, you’ll see a full list of the eligible conditions. Getting in touch with our Halton Pain Treatment facility is easy.

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