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It’s easy to get started with our Mississauga medical cannabis clinic. All you need to do is register with us and after you qualify you can book your free consultation. That’s where you’ll be able to meet with our licensed physicians who are also chronic pain management specialists. We will be able to determine your eligibility for using medical cannabis to alleviate a variety of conditions.

Medical cannabis is becoming a viable alternative to several other types of more traditional medications. There’s a growing body of evidence our Mississauga medical cannabis clinic has seen that tell us this treats everything from fibromyalgia to psychiatric disorders.

The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO) is a group of physicians with experience in family and general medicine. Our chronic pain experts have 40 years of experience dealing with patients who are suffering from a variety of conditions. We are here to assess your needs and suitability for treatment with medical cannabis.

Our number one priority is helping all of our patients find medical cannabis from licensed producers that can help.  Getting in touch with us is as simple as filling out a convenient online form. It’s a quick and easy way to start the journey towards the kind of medical cannabis treatments that will alleviate your suffering and help you regain your life. 

Mississauga Chronic Pain Management Specialists 

We have testimonials on our website from patients who found our system got them a direct line to the treatments that helped. They recommend Mississauga medical cannabis clinic as a way to find out if they are eligible to use this innovative solution to a variety of chronic pain issues.

Another big advantage to The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO) is the fact that in some cases you can stop taking opioids that have other issues associated with them.

Remember that our Mississauga chronic pain management specialists will be with you every step of the way to determine your eligibility. The path to a better lifestyle starts when you register with us. 

Mississauga Pain Management Services

Our Mississauga pain management services have listed some of the eligible conditions on our website. Once we started doing a little research, we were surprised and delighted to find out that medical cannabis has helped people who suffer from everything from symptoms of cancer to sleep disorders.

Remember, our services don’t have an annual fee. Why not get in touch with us today if you’re suffering from chronic pain?