Mississauga Pain Management Specialists and Medical Marijuana News

The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario assess our patient’s needs and whether they are suitable for medical cannabis treatments. We the are Mississauga pain management specialists that care and we’ve been operating in the Toronto area for 40 years.

Considering that medical marijuana is gaining traction in traditional medical fields, we thought we would scour the news and bring you the latest trends.

Medical Marijuana News

A Chicago-based company has bought a Florida medical marijuana license from a Toronto-based firm in exchange for an equity investment. The deal is valued at US$180 million and it shows how medical marijuana is gaining traction in the financial markets as well. It’s one of the reasons that are Mississauga pain management specialists are committed to assessing whether you are suitable for using it.

We offer a free consultation to get you started. Getting to know your particular medical history is a big part of the process. There is no annual fee with us and that separates us from some of the other facilities in our industry. If you take a look at our website you’ll see a list of different issues that medical marijuana can help with.

Medical Marijuana News From Utah

Other medical marijuana news, Salt Lake City TV reports that Utah is getting ready for an upcoming vote to legalize medical marijuana. One of the reporters decided to take the whole story to heart and even tried some medical cannabis ahead of the vote.

Even some American states you might not have imagined as considering the possibility have come on board. Recent news tells us that a medical marijuana clinic has opened in Shreveport Louisiana although the drug might not be readily available just yet.

As far as having the same kind of accessibility to medical marijuana we have up here, that southern state still has a way to go. Our Mississauga pain management specialists can assess you quickly and you can get the drug here in Canada. Doctors in Louisiana can do the same although test samples of marijuana aren’t available in that state just yet.

There are even reports that Missouri is planning to be the 32nd state in America to legalize medical marijuana. That state is having a ballot next month and it will have three different versions of questions about medical cannabis on it.

As Mississauga pain management specialists, we are happy to be part of this growing trend.

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