Our Brampton Medical Cannabis Clinic Offers These Tips for Newbies

We see a lot of people at our Brampton medical cannabis clinic. They are looking to get relief from a variety of symptoms. Some are first time patients at our clinic.

For those successful newbies who get assessed and start using medical cannabis, here’s a few tips.

Don’t Be Shy

We understand that brand-new patients who are looking to get medical cannabis for the first time will have a lot of questions. That’s why our first tip is to ask whatever comes to mind. We are here to determine your eligibility for this innovative treatment. We want you to know it’s perfectly normal to have questions.  Our experts encourage each of our patients to ask about everything you’re wondering about.

Our doctors have always been of the opinion that a well-informed patient is a safe and happy client.

Store Your Medical Cannabis the Right Way 

After we determine your eligibility, you’ll want to learn how to store your medical cannabis properly. It’s important because you want to make sure that your medication stays potent. If you store it improperly, the cannabinoids will breakdown.

You should always pick a location that is cool as well as dry and dark. Your medical cannabis doesn’t have an expiration date. However, there can be problems if it gets wet.

Our Brampton medical cannabis clinic provides a free consultation. Although our priority is determining your eligibility for this treatment, we’re happy to make suggestions about storing your medicine.

For example, we like to recommend that you use a glass container rather than a plastic one. One of the advantages is glass usually has a better seal than the plastic alternatives.

Start with a Low Dose 

It’s important that new patients understand that they should start with a low dose of medical cannabis and move ahead slowly. The best way to find the perfect amount is to gradually increase from a cautious starting point.

If you take too much all at once, you might have an adverse affect. If you’re currently taking a certain amount that you don’t think is working, talk to your doctor.

Join A Network

One of the other pieces of advice that we like to pass along is about joining a network. Find a group of medical cannabis users who have a form online. That way, you can share your experiences with colleagues.

The experts at our Brampton medical cannabis clinic are always happy to help.

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