St. Catherine’s/Niagara Medical Cannabis Clinic

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We offer a free consultation as your compassionate St. Catherine’s/Niagara medical cannabis clinic. If you’re suffering from nerve damage, P.T.S.D., lower back pain or one of any number of other aliments we can help.

The Cannabis Clinics of Ontario (CCO) is staffed by chronic pain management specialists and physicians. These professionals have 40 years of experience with family and general medicine. Our mission is to ascertain your suitability for medical cannabis treatment.

As medical professionals, we feel it’s our duty to explore all of the options to help alleviate suffering. Medical cannabis has shown promise over the last several years. As more and more research is done, this alternative method of pain treatment is gaining mainstream acceptance.

Our St. Catherine’s/Niagara medical cannabis clinic has done the research and found that medical cannabis can be either an addition to more traditional medications or an exciting new alternative.

St. Catherine’s/Niagara Chronic Pain Management Specialists 

Because we specialize in alleviating people’s suffering, our St. Catherine’s/Niagara chronic pain management specialists put together a process for determining your eligibility that’s concise and efficient.

It’s important to us to make sure that everyone understands your suitability for this type of medication. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see patient testimonials. These are from people who’ve suffered from a variety of different ailments like arthritis and migraine headaches and found relief.

We’ve developed a hands-on process that starts with you registering with our clinic. After that will have an in-depth free consultation where you can share as much of your medical history as you can. Our licensed physicians will be able to determine your eligibility and answer any questions that you have.

St. Catherine’s/Niagara Pain Management Services

The St. Catherine’s/Niagara pain management services we offer help people with a variety of ailments. Depression is one of the most common issues people suffer from today. There has been a body of evidence suggesting that medical cannabis can help to alleviate this issue.

It’s quite possible that the first step towards leading a better pain-free life is contacting us today. Remember, you’ll need to make an appointment before visiting our St. Catherine’s/Niagara medical cannabis clinic. We also ask that you put together as much of your medical history and documentation as possible.

We pride ourselves on being fast and efficient. The sooner you fill out your registration forms for our St. Catherine’s/Niagara pain management services, the better.